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Classic Wedding Band

Classic Wedding Band – by Brian Gavin Diamonds. Price: $995    Shop Now

It is hard to believe that one event can require so many decisions. There’s the dress choice, the theme colors, the location, the date, the food options, who and who does not get an invitation, and that’s just the preliminary planning. Weddings require a million and one decisions, but there are a few decisions that are much more important than others. One of these is the wedding ring.

Ideally the wedding and the engagement ring will pair together as splendidly as the married couple themselves. This isn’t always the easiest two items to pair up. To create this engagement ring and wedding ring match will require a bit of scouring over dozens of ring choices.

The Top 5 Wedding Ring Styles

To simplify your purchase here are five popular styles of wedding rings on the market today. One of which is sure to match the bride-to-be’s personal style and flair. Remember that within these five categories there are sub-categories to also choose from. This should not intimidate the shopper who has so many other decisions to make. Use these sub-categories to personalize your chosen style.

Art Nouveau Vintage Wedding Band

Art Nouveau Vintage Wedding Band – by James Allen. Price: $1350    Shop Now

For example, one popular wedding ring style is the Vintage Style. Most vintage engagement rings are made of either platinum or white gold since the style the vintage ring is copying harkens back to the Edwardian style or Queen Victoria era when silver was all the rage. However, if you or your soon-to-be spouse prefers a yellow-gold engagement ring, the choice of Vintage Style is still available.

Or, many women are rather torn between a Classic Style wedding ring and a Vintage Style. However, there is no reason to choose one over the other when many jewelry designers of today have created a hybrid of the two styles. You will simply have to shop all your options, and remember that this choice takes time.

Classic Band

Traditional Wedding Band

Traditional Wedding Band – by James Allen. Price: $350    Shop Now

The Classic Band is just as it sounds. Classic in design, it is the perfect choice for a man, or woman, who prefers a timeless choice that will never go out of style. This ring is usually a streamlined band of yellow gold, white gold or platinum. The width of the band can differ depending on personal choice with the men’s band tending to be thicker. There are few, if any, styles of engagement rings that this band will not accompany as well. When in doubt, this is the perfect ring for a lifetime of happiness.

Diamond Wedding Band

Pave Set Wedding Ring

Pave Set Wedding Ring – by Brian Gavin Diamonds. Price: $1650    Shop Now

One thing is for sure: diamonds never go out of style. Women who opt for a pave style engagement ring style instead of a solitaire ring may prefer a diamond wedding band as well. The diamond wedding band is a touch of simple elegance with a dash of glamour and glitz.

Most often this ring is embedded with one or two rows of diamonds that cover the entire width of the band. There are, of course, variations on this theme. However, the most highly sought-after diamond engagement ring mirrors this design. It is important to remember that the idea behind the styling of the wedding should not distract the eye from the dazzle of the engagement ring.

There is no hard-and-fast rule that a man’s and a woman’s wedding band has to match. If she wants diamonds, buy her diamonds!

Vintage Style

Milgrain Vintage Wedding Band

Milgrain Vintage Wedding Band – by Brian Gavin Diamonds. Price: $1650    Shop Now

Harkening back to a day of King Edward and Queen Victoria, the Vintage Style wedding ring is two parts elegance and one part historical icon. The Vintage style wedding ring reminds the wearer of a time when men and women believed in the power of love and celebrated the thrill of romance.

The look of the vintage wedding ring may not catch your eye at first. This ring is rather similar to the classic wedding style ring but a closer look will reveal intricate paisley-shaped engravings framed by caviar-beading trims. This is a decidedly Edwardian style and one that has become quite popular again of late.

Contemporary Style

Criss-Cross Contemporary Wedding Ring

Criss-Cross Contemporary Wedding Ring – by Brian Gavin Diamonds. Price: $1925    Shop Now

This category covers wedding rings that feature unusual angles, swirls, sizes and colors. The contemporary style is certainly made for the man or woman who has made a conscious choice to create a personal style that is all his or her own. When none of the other styles of wedding rings seem to do the job, the contemporary style should fit the bill.

That is to say, this category covers a wide range of wedding rings, which can make the buying decision somewhat more time consuming. There are so many innovative and interesting designs and styles to choose from that it may become a bit overwhelming.

Contemporary Style wedding rings also include those that show off stunning semi-precious stones as well as the classic diamond.

Wedding Sets

Wedding Sets (Bridal Sets) are two rings that are designed together as the engagement ring and the wedding ring. This idea differs slightly from the idea of choosing a wedding ring that matches the engagement ring.

Not only do Bridal Sets look brilliant and dazzling when sitting next to each other on a woman’s hand. The rings are often created with the intention of looking like one large and dynamic ring. Either ring is stunning all by itself but when the two are put together, the look is breathtaking. The wedding band nuzzles perfectly up to the engagement ring and vice versa.

History of the Wedding Ring

A matching pair of rings has been worn by married men and their wives since the early Egyptian and early Roman times. A band of gold, precious metal or less-than-precious metal has been used by warriors, royalty, peasants and middle class peoples all over the world to officiate the love between two people.

So sacred is this icon of eternal wedded bliss that many jewelry makers cast the two rings in the same mold so that the rings are created and “brought into this world” at the very same moment. In addition, the two rings begin their life together, as it were, as one ring. After the precious metal is cooled and dried, the large double ring is then chiseled into two rings that are later refined for the happy couple to proudly wear. While this type of ring may cost a considerable amount more this is one beautiful way to metaphorically melding your and your mate’s lives.

The history of the wedding ring can be traced back to the 7th century, to a ring that was recently discovered by archeologists. The ring shows a picture of the Christ figure standing in between a man and a woman and performing what appears to be a wedding ceremony. This is the earliest discovery-and a very rudimentary example of nielloed gold craftsmanship-of a wedding ring that can be seen on display at the world famous Musee du Louvre in Paris, France.

Wedding rings have a come a long way since the days of the Byzantine Empire, however. Now both a man and a woman wear this ring to announce to the world their undying commitment. The wedding ring of today is also an extension of a man’s or woman’s personal style as well as there are literally countless styles to choose from. Hopefully, our wedding ring guide will help make this selection a much more straightforward process.


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