Side Stone Engagement Rings

Want a ring with a little more sparkle than a diamond solitaire? With a side stone engagement ring, you’ll see a large center diamond complimented by two (or more) smaller stones on either side. The side stone setting allows for a ring with a greater overall carat weight, adding more visual appeal and sparkle to the design. One of the most popular types of side stone settings is the “three stone”. The three stone involves two gems that match each other in size, cut, and color, that are placed to the left and right of a larger center diamond.

Below are two exquisite three stone designs by the renowned designer Verragio from the collections of Whiteflash. Matched with a Whiteflash “A CUT ABOVE” Super Ideal diamond, these rings will offer the ultimate in light performance, fire, sparkle and brilliance.

Verragio 3 Stone Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Verragio 3 Stone Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Verragio Twisted Shank 3 Stone Engagement Ring

Verragio Twisted Shank 3 Stone Engagement Ring

It is commonly held that the diamonds in a three stone setting represents the past, present, and future. When you give the ring to your special someone, you are remembering the past that brought you together, the present moment, and the future that the two of you will share forever. For this reason, the side stone setting is especially popular on anniversary and eternity rings. If you’re shopping for an anniversary ring and don’t know what kind of setting to buy, then the side stone setting, while a bit more expensive than a traditional solitaire or pave setting, is sure to impress her when she opens the box.

The side stone gems do not have to be diamonds, although they often are. If there are more than two side stones on a ring, the jeweler will arrange them so that the smaller gems are on the outside, with the increasingly larger ones closer to the center stone. Any shape of diamond can be used, the most common shapes for this setting are the traditional round or princess cut shapes.

The purpose of the side stone setting is not to take attention away from the center stone, but to bring more attention to it. Smaller diamonds on either side of the main stone help it to appear larger, and the side stones reflect light that the center stone wouldn’t otherwise receive, which adds to the sparkle of the ring overall.

Of course, the side stone setting is not used exclusively for anniversary rings. Indeed, it’s a popular style for engagement rings, due to the brilliance of the three stones and the message that they communicate. If you know that your significant other enjoys an extra amount of sparkle on her ring, then choose a side stone ring, she won’t be disappointed!


Ring setting images are from Whiteflash.

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