A Guy’s Guide: Finding Out Her Ring Size

One of the things often forgotten, until the last moment, is how do you determine your bride-to-be’s ring size? If you’re shopping for her engagement ring together then it’s easy, but what if it’s supposed to be a surprise?

In America, women’s ring sizes range from 3 to 12, with the average size being from 6 to 7. You could take a guess and go with 6.5, knowing that a jeweler can always re-size the ring a size or two, but that’s probably not a good idea, especially with rings that are hard to re-size, such as a full pave setting or a tension-set ring.

So what to do? The usual thing is to take one of her rings and have it measured. But there’s a catch. Which finger does she wear the ring on? Don’t assume that a ring that fits her right ring finger will also fit her left ring finger. Remember that your dominant hand tends to be bigger. So if you’re measuring a ring from her right ring finger and she’s right-handed, the right ring finger will generally be about one half size larger, which in this case is fine, you can get the ring resized later (It’s better to guess on the high side). If she’s left-handed the right ring finger will generally be about one half size smaller, so guess about one half to one size larger for the left ring finger.


Her friends and her family might be able to help. (if they can keep a secret!) Her mom might know her ring size. Perhaps one of her friends? It’s not uncommon for a friend to ask another about their ring size as a matter of curiosity.

You both could go to a jewelry shop and have her try on some rings (just for fun!), but this may or may not spoil the surprise. Another option is to get her best friend to go to the jewelers with her instead of you.

You can try wrapping a string around her finger while she is asleep. Hint, a person is in their deepest sleep in the first hour, so try then!

Remember, if you have to guess, guess on the high side. A ring that is too small cannot be tried on, which will be a bit frustrating on that special occasion when you propose. A ring that’s too large can at least be worn with a “ring sizer” until the ring can be re-sized by a jeweler.

Most jewelers (either on-line or brick-and-mortar) will offer free resizing.

Some measuring tips:

  • When measuring, keep in mind that each finger could have a different size, don’t assume that a ring that fits your right ring finger will also fit your left ring finger.
  • Measure when your hands are warm, not cold.
  • Make sure the measurement you choose easily fits over your knuckle.