All About Bracelets!

Give her a gift she can wear daytime, nighttime and anytime in between. A bracelet is one of those rare gifts that she can wear for any occasion. There is certainly no better way to say “I love you” than with a timeless piece of jewelry. Regardless her tastes, you can find a wonderful bracelet made just for her. Here is our guide to the different styles of bracelets to choose from:

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

This elegant piece has little to nothing to do with tennis and it certainly goes well with just about any outfit, on or off the court. The name “tennis bracelet” has a very interesting and rather comical origin. The name comes from a match involving the famous tennis star, Chris Evert, and her bracelet mishap during a 1987 match. While on the court and right in the middle of her match, her diamond bracelet broke in pieces. Chris stopped playing to retrieve each and every diamond that had fallen out. It made small headlines to say the least and the name “tennis bracelet” was coined to refer to any such bracelet of that style.

Pillow Tennis Bracelet

Pillow Tennis Bracelet   

Usually the tennis bracelet fits snugly to the wrist in a link style chain with diamonds encircling the entire bracelet. Tennis bracelets, unlike bangle bracelets, are slinky in the way they wrap around one’s wrist. They can have multi-colored gemstones or feature all white diamonds, the latter being the most traditional tennis bracelet as it is exactly how Miss Evert’s bracelet looked. The diamonds can be tiny, medium size and very large but it is still considered a tennis bracelet.

Such a bracelet makes a perfect gift because its style goes with any outfit. If you know you want to buy her something feminine and beautiful but don’t know what you want to buy, the tennis bracelet is your key to her heart.

Chain Bracelets

There are a myriad of wonderful chain bracelets to consider. Each one of which shows off a slightly different personality from the others. The chain bracelet is often the first piece of jewelry a girl owns so the simple style will always remain close to a woman’s heart. A delicate chain bracelet can be worn all day every day. Here are few popular chain styles you can explore:

  • Box Chain: links are square and linked together to make one long box style
  • Rope Chain: links appear in a rope-like braid
  • Wheat Chain: links are oval and twisted around each other
  • Rolo Chain: symmetrical links joined end to end
  • Bead Chain: links are made up of small beads placed next to each other
  • Byzantine Chain: links appear to look like a nautical rope
  • Mesh Chain: links are flexible yet withstand pressure and unbreakable
  • Snake Chain: also known as “serpent chain” as the links are held tightly together and appear flat and smooth.

Even though the wider chain bracelets are often paired with the higher price tag, there are breathtakingly beautiful chain bracelets for well under $50. If you are working with a budget but still want to buy her something that will make her glow with delight, the chain bracelet is your best bet.

Bangle Bracelets

When paired with other bangles, this bracelet not only looks good but it sounds lovely as well. Women who love the iconic bangle bracelet worn in plural numbers state that it is not just the fashionable way in which the bangle falls up and down her arm as she moves but it is also the sound the bangles give off when they do so that makes them so alluring.

Bangle bracelets have enjoyed a solid footing in the jewelry world since early times. Going back to the early Egyptian age of Cleopatra and so many like her, the bangle bracelet has adorned women’s arms almost forever. Whether it is made of metal, jade or any other material, the bangle bracelet is stiff and often paired with other bangle bracelets.

This is one of the most timeless pieces of jewelry popular today. Again, since the bangle has a great deal of personality, be sure to choose from a material or metal that she most often wears already.

Charm Bracelets

A woman can never outgrow the delight of owning a charm bracelet that is custom created with her and her alone in mind. Each little dangling charm represents a part of her personality or a precious occasion in her life. .

Any one charm bracelet can hold dozens and dozens of charms such as ballet slippers, music notes, a cute tiny flip flop, ice cream cone, the list literally goes on and on. In addition, the charm bracelet is the gift that keeps on giving. Each holiday or surprise gift can bring her one more fun and unique charm to add to her bracelet. You will never run out of things to give her.

Charms and the charm bracelet to which the charms are hung on can be any metal color or they can be mixed and matched yellow gold and silver or even brass tones mixed with antique silver. Many women feel that by mixing the metal colors, she is able to add even more uniqueness and fun variety to her bracelet.

Cuff Bracelets

This bracelet is one of the most bold fashion statements a woman can make. The fashion-forward cuff bracelet can be a signature piece worn alone or can be paired with other bangle bracelets. The cuff bracelet gets its name due to the way it sits gently and low on a woman’s wrist in the same way a shirt cuff sits. It is a stiff bracelet that is loaded with gentle femininity.

A girl could simply go crazy deciding which cuff bracelet to choose since there are literally countless styles to choose from when selecting a cuff bracelet. Both modern and antique designs can be shown off in this very trendy piece.

Dress an outfit up or give an old dress a fashion bump by adding the perfect cuff bracelet to it. Many cuff bracelets are made of all metal or other hard material. Some have precious, semi-precious or costume gemstones while the most classic version of the cuff features only metal. Show her how well you know her inner style by surprising your fashionista with the ever-glamorous cuff bracelet.


Sizing is a very important factor to consider. You certainly don’t want to surprise her with the most divine and delightful bracelet only to realize it is too small for her wrist. Buying a bracelet that is slightly too big can often be fixed by any reputable jewelry repairman, but buying a bracelet that is too small is usually not fixable.

Therefore, be sure to get it right the first time. If you really want this to be a surprise gift to her, there is a way to get a rough idea of her wrist size. The next time you are holding her hand, gently wrap your thumb and fore finger around her wrist. You can pass this behavior off with a little joke about how tiny she and her wrists are. Such jokes score brownie points, by the way. However, this can give you a real sense of her wrist size. Remember how much of your fingers fit around her wrist and use this to gauge her wrist size. This is, obviously, a very rudimentary way of sizing.

For exact details and information measure her wrist with a tape measure. Then, when shopping for a bracelet, simply add up to a full inch for bracelet length. This will give the bracelet plenty of room to be slip easily around her wrist but will not fall down past her hand.

This sizing method will work for most bracelets except bangle bracelets. Bangles will usually fit a woman’s wrist but she may have trouble getting the bangle over her hand and onto her wrist. That is, of course, if there is no latch to open the bracelet as is the case with most bangle bracelets. In that case, it is wise to measure the size of her hand at its widest part when she clutches her hand together in the way she does when putting on the bangle bracelet. Do not then add anything to this number since you don’t want a bracelet that is too big.