Does Your Diamond Reflect Your Personality?

An engagement ring is a symbol of eternal love. And most women at some point in their lives spend time dreaming about what that special ring will look like. However, just like everything we choose to wear, your ring choice may give a clue to some of your personality traits. So what kind of lady are you? A traditional romantic or a bit unconventional, a fun loving extroverted or a creative type? Below are some of the most popular diamond shapes and some personality traits to match. Do you have the traits that correspond to your favorite diamond shapes? 

Round Brilliant: Round is the most popular diamond shape making up 75% of all engagement rings. It is timeless and known for its sparkle. Wearers tend to be traditional romantics, dependable, honest, team players, who make family a top priority.

Classic Diamond Solitaire

Classic Diamond Solitaire   

Princess cut: The Princess cut is the second most popular diamond shape. It is often thought of as a square version of the round brilliant because of its sparkle and glitter. Wearers enjoy the unconventional and they can be trendsetters. Willing to take some chances, they are fun and don’t mind drawing some attention to themselves. They may be assertive independent women.

Emerald Cut: The Emerald cut has a timeless elegance. Wearers tend to prefer vintage designs but may also march to the beat of a different drummer preferring to lead rather than follow. The woman drawn to the Emerald cut can be bold, clear thinkers but with a quiet elegance.

Asscher Cut: The square Asscher is similar to the Emerald in that it is also a step cut. They are often worn by the woman who likes vintage elegance. The Asscher woman likes a little drama but also clarity and openness.

Radiant Cut: The Radiant wearer is often fun and not afraid to take some chances. She can be trendy and sociable and doesn’t mind being in the spotlight.

Cushion Cut: In between the round and square shape the Cushion has classic elegance. Cushion wearers tend toward style and romance but also have a need to be unique. She can be soft in her approach, appreciating intimacy.

Oval Cut: The Oval wearer is usually stable and dependable but has the need to be a creative individual. She is also not afraid to take some chances.

Pear Cut: The Pear cut looks like a teardrop. Its wearer likes to be different and has very high standards for excellence.

Marquise Cut: The opulent glittery Marquise is cut to look bigger than it actually is. Wearers often enjoy extravagance and can be charming and ambitious.

Heart Shape Cut: The Heart is often worn by the sentimental, romantic, emotional and trusting. They are in love with love and full of good intentions.