Earrings Guide and Buying Tips

Choosing the right pair of earrings can be compared to selecting the perfect frame for a work of art. The frame should not distract from the beauty of the picture nor should the frame cheapen the value of the artwork. A pair of earrings too should not pull attention away from a woman’s face nor should the earrings diminish a woman’s glamour and natural charm.

That is not to say that a woman can’t have fun with some great costume jewelry earrings. In fact, some of the loveliest pieces of jewelry, earrings included, cost well under $100 and should be added to any gal’s wish list. This is especially true since earrings are the smallest pieces of jewelry a girl owns and is therefore quite easily lost. Who among us has not felt heartbreak over the moment when we reach up to our earlobe and realize one of our earrings are missing?

Classic Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

Classic Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings   

Since earrings are so integral to the overall framing of a woman’s face, this jewelry item should be picked out with care and thought. Here is an easy-to-read guide on selecting the pair of earrings that will best bring out a woman’s eyes, glowing skin, hairstyle and overall personal style:

Earring Styles


The classic stud is always an excellent gift idea. A stud earring is usually one stone or one bulb of gold or silver that simply lays on the earlobe in a delicate and elegant fashion. A stud earring is used when a person first gets his or her ears pierced because it can easily remain in one’s ear while sleeping, showering or any physical activity.

The fact that the stud earring does not jingle or bounce causes it to become almost a part of one’s body that need not be removed. This is especially true for the stud earrings made of fine metals such as gold and silver which do not rust or tarnish.

Pearl studs are probably the most regal and time-honored stud earring of all. There is even a famous painting which pays tribute to the mysterious grace of the pearl earring.

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Going back to the days of Egyptian princesses and pharaohs, the hoop earring remains today as a classic example of wealth, sophistication and timeless style. The classic style of hoop earring is a thin, gold hoop of about a half inch to one inch diameter that adorns a woman’s ear and causes her neck to look longer and leaner than it may be.

This style of earring, whether it be a small hoop, medium hoop or a very large hoop will never go out of style and is as timeless as jewelry itself.

Drops and Dangles

A spin off from the timeless stud earring is the dangle earring, or drop earring. This style is, essentially, a dangling gemstone or precious metal ball which sits anywhere from one inch to a quarter of an inch down from the earlobe.

Many women love the way the dangling earring feels as it slightly brushes the upper neck. This is the one earring you know a woman can marvel at even when she isn’t in front of the mirror. Just the feeling of it can make any woman feel more beautiful and special.

The longer version of the dangle earring is often called a “chandelier” style earring. In the same way a light fixture chandelier dangles and drapes down elegantly, the chandelier earring sparkles and dances alongside the jaw line of its wearer, making her face even more dazzling.

Types of Earring Backs

Remember when we mentioned that dreaded moment when you thoughtlessly reach up to feel your earlobe only to find your earlobe is empty. This is simply one of the worst feelings to have: the realization that you have lost your earring. While it is possible that the earring is simply hiding in your hair or the collar of your shirt, it is more likely that the earring is long gone, never to be found again. Which means of course that there is no reason to hang on to the earring you still have. That is unless it is a fine gemstone or pure gold/silver earring which can be either used to make other jewelry or melted down and sold for its weight price.

The only way to avoid this unpleasant moment is to buy the earring back that will ensure the earring will stay safely on your ear. Here is a brief guide to the world of earring backings:

Screw Backs

This is one of the most secure backings on the market. The great thing about this type of backing is that you don’t have to buy an earring that is made with this type of backing. You can use the screw back on any pair of earrings that do not feature a latch back or a French-style back. There is a grooved end on the post of most earrings that allow the screw back to slide around on latch onto the post securely.

Push Backs

This is the most classic version of the earring back and the most unreliable. That is, unless, the push back earring back is the tiny rubber cylinder type which snugly holds onto the post. If the push-back is metal and sort of mushroom shaped, it is likely it will fall off even if it feels like it is tightly fitting the post. For whatever reason, it is common for this back to slip right off the post. This can happen as quickly and easily as being tugged by a few strands of hair or a telephone knocking against one’s ear.

French Backs or Latch Backs

The earring which features a French back is crafted to include this earring back. It is not possible to buy a separate French or Latch back since it must be built into the earring itself. Along with the twist back, the Latch or French back is highly sturdy and reliable.

Earrings are the perfect way to capture a woman’s style and personality. A pair of timeless earrings can fit into just about any budget and will make any day her special day.