Necklace and Pendant Guide

Nothing shows off a woman’s neckline and facial features better than a lovely chain and pendant. The world of necklaces and pendants is both wide and vast, so here is our guide to picking the perfect metal, chain length and pendant style for her…Necklace Styles

There are three basic lengths of necklaces (Opera, Princess and Choker) and many different styles (Pendants, Chains, Strands…).

Metal Chains

Metal chains are a staple for every woman. Often worn with a pendant, chains go with most anything. Chain styles come in various types, such as: cable, rope, snake, wheat, byzantine and bead.

Heart and Key Diamond Pendant

Heart and Key Diamond Pendant   

The popular metals are gold and sterling silver. You can find out which metal color a woman prefers simply by looking at the other jewelry she commonly wears. In most women’s opinion, one color looks better against her skin tone than the other color.

For example, olive colored skin tones often look best next to yellow cold, copper and brass tones. Peaches and cream complexion is much more complemented by sterling silver and white gold. Darker skin tones can go either way and so this is a more personal choice for the dark skinned woman.


A necklace, in general, has a pattern of jewels or gemstones with varying materials that are used to create a distinct piece of jewelry. Some styles include the classic diamond necklace, braids, links, and gemstone sets.

A diamond necklace makes a great gift that will light up her face as well as her life. Classic and elegant, the diamond necklace is the perfect accessory for a special evening out, be it at the opera, theater or dinner party.


Strands are necklaces that are comprised of a string of either beads or pearls. This is the most timeless of all pieces of jewelry and one which will never go out of style.

In most cases, a good strand of pearls will be handed down from generation to generation. If a woman in your life does not own a strand of pearls, either freshwater or otherwise, be the person to bestow this classic gift to her. It is truly a gift every woman should receive at least once in her life.


A pendant is a chain from which hangs a piece of jewelry such as a solitaire pendant with a diamond or gemstone or a three stone diamond arrangement or heart pendant.

Pendants can be creative and bold. No other piece of jewelry has the potential to get so close to her personality and inner flair than that of the pendant.

Solitaire Diamond Pendants

A gift of pure elegance and regal simplicity can be made in a single solitaire pendant and chain. The solitaire gemstone, often a diamond, signifies a deep value placed on the receiver of such a precious piece of jewelry. There is nothing to not love about such a fashion statement.

Necklace Length  

Opera (26 to 36 inches)

As the name “Opera length” suggests, this is one of the more dramatic lengths of necklaces and is used often to show off a stunning and large pendant. Or it is also a popular length for beads and pearls. Women of all ages can be seen wearing this length of necklace. It is especially when complimenting evening wear or even a simple black top.

Princess (17 to 19 inches)

This is the most common length of necklaces. This sits just below the collar bone and as such can be worn as a casual and daily wear necklace or can also be carried into evening wear. If a jeweler does not specify which style a necklace length is, it is likely that it is a Princess length.

Choker (14 to 16 inches)

The Choker necklace can sit right smack dab in the middle of the neck as in the case of many evening wear necklaces and formal styles. Or the choker can rest just above the collar bone and sit snugly in the creases of the neck and collarbone. This is one of the most flattering lengths because it really accentuates a woman’s neckline as well as shows off the necklace and pendant itself best. A necklace that sits at this level instantly demands attention as it draws an onlooker’s eye directly to it and to the woman who is wearing the necklace.