Round vs. Princess which one to choose?

There are many diamond shapes to pick from, but the Round Brilliant and Princess cuts are the most popular. Mainly because they give the most sparkle, brilliance and fire.

They both have many small facets which create this brilliance and also makes each more forgiving of minor flaws allowing you to get more sparkle for your money.

Round vs Princess Cut

Round vs Princess Cut   

The Round Brilliant is the most traditional and still holds number one status for popularity, but the Princess cut is close on its heals with its elegant nontraditional square cut. Here are the basic points to consider when choosing between these two cuts.

  • The Round Brilliant is traditional, but the Princess is more unique with its non-traditional with modern lines.
  • The Round Brilliant is the most sparkly. The Princess is also a very sparkly cut, often thought of as the square version of the Round Brilliant.
  • You can get a larger Princess for the same price as a Round Brilliant.
  • The Round Brilliant diamond will have a larger diameter for the weight.

In terms of personality traits, the Round Cut is said to be related to dependability, warmth, empathy, family and home. The Princess Cut is associated with trend-setting, confidence and independence but also fairytale romance.

So which one? What’s really the most important is that you or your fiancee loves it. Your ring is a symbol of love and you will be living with it for a long time, get the one that makes you happy.