Tiffany – Jeweler Review

Nothing says tradition like the classic Tiffany diamond solitaire engagement ring. Tiffany & Co. opened their doors in 1837, and ever since have been known around the world as one of the best in design, craftsmanship and innovation. It’s not surprising that Tiffany ranks #1 on Google for engagement rings.

Below are two favorite engagement ring designs. First is the classic Tiffany diamond solitaire Setting, known as the “world’s favorite engagement ring”. Paired with a top quality one carat diamond this setting starts at around $11,600. Second is the popular Tiffany Novo design, starting at $13,700 with a one carat diamond.

Classic Tiffany Setting

Classic Tiffany Setting

Tiffany Novo Setting

Tiffany Novo Setting

Too Expensive?

One Of the criticisms you’ll hear about Tiffany is that it is too expensive. “You’re paying for that blue box!”. You’ll see comparisons between Tiffany and some generic ring from say Costco, and sure enough the generic ring is cheaper! But that’s comparing apples to oranges, Tiffany is all about high quality and you should expect to pay more for that quality.

Let’s compare the Tiffany solitaire engagement ring to another high quality solitaire, the renowned Vatche U-113 solitaire engagement ring, considered by many to be the the best “Tiffany replica” on the market. When paired a top quality one carat diamond from “A Cut Above”, “Hearts and Arrows” Super Ideal Round Cut Diamond Collection, the ring will cost about $11,000. So, not surprisingly, when we compare apples to apples, the prices are pretty much the same (about $11,000).

Tiffany Diamond vs Hearts and Arrows Diamond

Below is a video comparing a Tiffany diamond and a “Hearts and Arrows” diamond.

Both are top quality diamonds. Interestingly, the sparkle pattern of the Tiffany diamond is more random (and some would say more natural) when compared to the more stylized Hearts and arrows pattern.

GIA vs Tiffany In-House Certification

One caveat, Tiffany uses their own in-house diamond grading certification program, instead of using a third party independent laboratory such as GIA.

However, most experts will admit that the Tiffany grading matches the GIA grading, but it does make it more difficult to compare a Tiffany diamond with a diamond from another jeweler.

Tiffany created the classic “Tiffany style” diamond engagement ring setting in 1867, and it still continues to be extremely popular to this day. It is the perfect setting for a woman who is looking for a ring filled with elegance and tradition.