Who Chooses The Engagement Ring?

Here is a question that gets asked from time to time, “Who chooses the engagement ring?” ring

Traditionally, it has been the man who picks the engagement ring and surprises his prospective bride on bended knee. But times have changed and today there are more options. These days the general consensus is that the couple should do it however they want. But every couple is different!

Some women like surprises, and some don’t.

Many brides-to-be figure this is a ring they are going to wear for the rest of their life, so they want to have some say in it. Often times the woman will drop some hints or suggestions so the guy doesn’t end up getting something she’ll hate. One interesting idea is for the woman to pick out the setting and the man picks out the diamond.

The Bridal Association of America did a study about just this question, “Who Chooses The Engagement Ring”, and here are the results…

Who Chooses The Engagement Ring? Percent
I (the woman) picked it out myself 17%
My fiancee and I selected it together 28%
I gave guidelines to my fiancee 11%
I gave indirect hints to my fiancee 13%
I had no influence 31%

So it looks like about 30% of the time the guy still picks out the ring the old traditional way, and about 30% of the time the couple picks out the ring together.

Whatever you choose, take your time, make if fun and ultimately let it be about the love the two of you have for each other!